Quality and R & D

Quality Assurance

The litmus test

Our responsibility for quality products begins with product development. To analyze and avoid risks for potential users and ultimate consumers is as important as the selection of appropriate raw materials, reliable suppliers and partners for maintaining the highest standards of product efficacy.

GTZ products go through a series of stringent tests, systematically, as per the guidelines of ISO 9001, at every stage, in accordance to various International standards before they are delivered to our customer.

The quality and consistency of performance is the hallmark of all GTZ products with the aim to exceed customer expectation.

We deliver constantly, consistently.

R & D

The latent heat

GTZ is synonymous with innovation and customization. Development includes not only sporadic pioneering innovations but also a constant series of fundamental development. Our products make our customers’ products more effective. Thus, by continuously improving our products, we improve our customers’ products. We also focus on constant improvements in our environmental impact across the whole value chain.

Our R&D comprises of a team of qualified scientists working incessantly to develop high quality, cost effective speciality chemicals to satisfactorily meet both the existing and emerging needs of the valued customers.

Associating with the leading technological organizations allows the company to enhance the knowledge base and remain abreast with the latest technological progress.